The Corpus Museum in Holland

Holland is one of the most interesting and unique countries in Europe. It offers numerous attractions and things to see and to do to its visitors. Among the traditional museums the country also boasts of having the museums of the human body. It bears the name of “the Corpus”.

The museum is located not far from the university city Leiden. It offers its visitors a journey through human body. The museums itself is designed in the form of human body. The building is about 35 meters tall and has seven floors.

It is pretty interesting to discover. The excursion lasts for about 55 minutes. During this time you will be able to find out everything that interests you about human body and organs. There all the visitors have a chance to see the organs and processes that take place in the human body.  The entrance to the museum is located in the knee of this giant man.

Then you get u the escalator and explore all the organs located in a human body including muscles, bones, heart, liver, lungs, eyes and brain. There are also big screens that show the functions of these organs together with the sounds that they make. They also show what happens in the human body when the person gets an injury or how the reproduction occurs.  The excursion ends on the top floor of this giant person, in its head.

The museum is for everyone starting with the kids of 6 years old. It took for about 27 million dollars to build such a museum. It is definitely one of the top 10 museums in Holland.

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